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About Us

The Vernon County Solid Waste and Recycling Department has been proudly providing waste disposal and recycling services to Vernon County for over 25 years.  

We provide a source separated recycling program for cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, tin, and aluminum to residents and municipalities at no charge.  A source separated program means that we collect this material presorted by our residents. Presorting helps to alleviate contamination at the source, as residents and end users you are the best place to prevent material contamination. In the turbulent market for recyclables, we are proud to say that we are still  able to generate revenue from your source separated materials which helps to keep our program free to our users. 

We also recycle appliances, e-waste, tires, light bulbs, batteries, automotive fluids, and mattresses at our facility. 

Solid Waste
Vernon County operates a 9.5 acre sanitary landfill receiving over 16,000 tons of landfill material each year from residents and businesses. The landfill was built in the early 90's at the request of the municipalities after the DNR mandated the closure of the smaller unlined "dumps." The idea was to consolidate disposal efforts across the county and help shelter Vernon County from the liability of our waste. 

We accept construction debris, garbage, furniture, and many other miscellaneous items for disposal.