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Community Development Grant Program

The Vernon County Board of Supervisors and Staff are pleased to announce a new grant opportunity to help local communities implement projects that will strengthen economic growth and resiliency. In 2023, Vernon County is investing $115,000 to support this program, made possible by contributed funds from the Ho-Chunk Nation. Here is a list of the 2023 recipients:

Recipient Name and Award Project Description Recipient Name and Award Project Description
Village of Coon Valley - $10,000 Community Hall upgrades (windows, wooden ramp, electrical) Town of Christiana - $10,000 Repair roads
Village of De Soto - $6,250 Purchase a generator for the Fire Department/Community Center Town of Coon - $3,587 Replace the exterior skirting at the Town Hall
Village of Genoa - $7,000 Upgrade the Village welcome signage Town of Forest - $7,292 Repair the salt storage facility
Village of La Farge - $10,000 Village Park upgrades (update electric at campsites, shelter, disc golf) Town of Greenwood - $10,000 Build addition to town shop to create a new community space
Village of Readstown - $6,000 Park upgrades (streetlights, bleachers, park equipment) Town of Harmony - $8,204 Replace fire signs
Village of Stoddard - $7,500 Website design and development Town of Stark - $3,879 Install a backup generator at the Town Hall
Village of Viola - $8,257 Park equipment, WiFi at camping area, plant trees, tourism banners Town of Union - $10,000 Replace fire signs, replace windows and door at the Town Hall
    Town of Webster - $7,613 Upgrade website, new road signs

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS:  Municipalities located in Vernon County, WI (3 cities, 9 villages, and 21 townships are eligible to apply). Non-profits, businesses, individuals, schools, etc. are not eligible applicants.
ELIGIBLE PROJECTS:  Some examples of eligible projects include updates to a trail system, build a splash pad at local park, website creation or updates, repurpose vacant buildings, neighborhood revitalization, wayfinding signage, upgrade street lighting, improve accessibility for aging and disabled residents, upgrade weather warning system, develop indoor/outdoor recreation space, develop community center, improve street infrastructure, develop technology center/training, improve public landscape (i.e. plant trees), or match toward another grant.
INELIGIBLE EXPENSES:  Personnel/administration costs, requests to pay off existing debt, expenses that have already been invoiced/paid, and any other expenses determined ineligible by the grant reviewers.
GRANT AWARD:  Applicants are able to receive grants of up to $10,000. Limit of one application per municipality. A total of $115,000 has been invested into this program and will be awarded until funds are exhausted. Grant funds will be disbursed on a reimbursement model (submit paid invoices and the County will reimburse you).
MATCH REQUIREMENT:  A 1:1 match is required. For example, if a community is awarded $10,000, then a $10,000 cash match is required. Funds from other grants may be used as match. In-kind match is not accepted but should be included and described in the budget narrative of the grant application. A resolution or match commitment letter must be included with your application.
APPLICATION AND REVIEW:  Applications are due April 21, 2023. Applications will be reviewed by the Vernon County Economic Development Committee. Grant awards will be released by June 30, 2023. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Community need and impact: Community need and how the project will address it is clearly defined
  2. Budget: Project expenses are allowable and reasonable
  3. Match: Required matching funds are secured and available throughout the project implementation
  4. Project timeline: The project timeline is realistic and achievable by the deadline of June 15, 2024
  5. Overall project proposal

GRANT PROJECT COMPLETION AND REPORTING:  Grantees will be expected to complete the project by June 15, 2024, and to provide an impact report within 30 days of project completion. The impact report will include 2-3 photos of the completed project and a short summary of how the project has or will impact the economic growth and resiliency of the community.

TO REQUEST AN APPLICATION OR ASK FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:  Contact Amy Oliver, Vernon County Grants Officer, at 608-637-5379 or