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sirensOutdoor warning siren faq's
Warning siren FAQ sheet
2024 warning siren testing press release


In Vernon County there are several warning systems which can be activated rapidly during severe weather events, which are monitored by Vernon County Emergency Management, the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department and local police and fire authorities.

The most common warning devices in populated areas of Vernon County are the community sirens. These sirens are activated when conditions exist that there is “imminent danger”, including, but not limited to a tornado sighting. Straight-line winds, microbursts, and downbursts associated with severe thunderstorm activity are equally as dangerous as tornado activity.

The Weather Sirens are tested from April through September on the first Monday of the Month. They will still be tested if it is cloudy or raining, if Severe Weather is predicted they will be tested on the next good weather day.

What to Do When the Tornado Siren Sounds

  • Go inside right away.
  • Turn on a radio or television to hear the latest weather information.
  • Take shelter in an inside room or basement if appropriate.
  • Do NOT call 9-1-1 when you hear the siren. The area media and the National Weather Service will provide updated information. Please use your television or radio to get these updates.
  • Remember: The emergency alert siren is for outdoor notification. Don't expect it to notify you of weather conditions while you are indoors.
  • We recommend that you purchase and include a NOAA weather alert radio as part of your emergency weather plan.
tornadoTornado Awareness

The Vernon County Emergency Management Department participates in the State Tornado Awareness exercise with the schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and county office buildings which implement their in-house emergency plans.

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snowWinter Awareness
A Winter Awareness Campaign is held in the late fall, or early winter to remind county residents to prepare for possible emergency situations. By issuing press releases, etc., is a reminder for county residents to prepare for possible emergency situations with the winter storm season.

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Citizens residing in flood danger areas should familiarize themselves with flood safety precautions, according to the Vernon County Emergency Management Office. Preparing for potential trouble is important following information from the Wisconsin Division of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service. These agencies work closely with County Emergency Management offices during high flood danger periods.

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