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Training in and evaluating the Vernon County Emergency Operations Plans are required under the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This ensures that emergency response personnel are trained and available, and that there are sufficient facilities and equipment available to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from natural and man made disasters. Classes are provided for emergency service volunteers including local police, fire, municipal officials, and Emergency Medical Services.

The Emergency Management Department works with villages and cities in developing and implementing local emergency plans specific to their areas.


  • What is the National Incident Management System?
  • Comprehensive, nationwide systematic approach to incident management.
  • Core set of doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology and organizational processes for all hazards.
  • Essential principles for a common operating picture and interoperability of communications and information management.
  • Standardized resource management procedures for coordination among different jurisdictions and organizations.
  • Scalable and applicable for all incidents.
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