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Recovery Court

In August 2011, Vernon County’s first Treatment Court, the Sobriety Court Program was initiated. Sobriety Court is a 14 month long program for individuals convicted of repeat Operating While Impaired offenses. As of October 2019, 44 participants have successfully completed the program. On March 3 2019, Vernon County’s Drug Court Program began, funded by a grant from the Bureau of Justice. Both programs are early intervention, post-conviction treatment programs available to individuals who have been convicted of repeat Operating While Impaired offenses, or substance use related offenses, who meet eligibility criteria.

The programs utilize a team approach to provide participants with all of the possible tools required to get into recovery quickly, stay in recovery, and lead a productive, crime-free life. There are 5 phases in the programs. In each phase, participants are required to meet certain goals and objectives.

Advancement through all five phases results in commencement from the program. Participants undergo rigorous random alcohol and drug testing, attend group and individual counseling, and have frequent Court Review Hearings where their progress is reviewed by the Treatment Court Team.

Participants who successfully complete the program receive reduced fines and jail sentences.