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Recovery Court

In August 2011 Vernon County’s Sobriety Court program was initiated.  Sobriety Court is a 14-month long program for individuals convicted of repeat OWI offenses.  As of January 2020, 45 participants have successfully completed Sobriety Court.  A Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) grant was awarded to Vernon County in October 2017 to assist in financing the Drug Court.  Drug Court is a collaborative effort between numerous public and private entities to make a positive impact on the criminal justice system in Vernon County.  Drug Court accepted it’s first participants in March 2019 and anticipate celebrating their first graduation in July 2020.  Drug Court and Sobriety Court are two tracks within Vernon County Recovery Court.  Both programs are post-adjudication drug court, individuals have been convicted of an offense prior to beginning the program.

These programs provide individuals the opportunity to change their life circumstances and become alcohol and drug free. This is accomplished by comprehensive assessment and treatment for substance abuse and mental health diagnosis, intensive supervision, random drug and breath testing, regular court appearances and immediate sanctions and incentives in response to behavior. Honesty and individual accountability are at the foundation of the program.

The program represents the efforts and teamwork of numerous key stakeholders to break the cycle of substance use and reduce crime, making Vernon County a healthier place to live.  The programs utilize a team approach to provide participants with all of the possible tools required to get into recovery quickly, stay in recovery, and lead a productive, crime-free life.