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County Coroner

608-637-5284 or 608-606-3353
24-Hour Phone: 608-637-2124
Erlandson Office Building
Suite 216, 318 Fairlane Drive
Viroqua, WI 54665
Fax: 608-637-8337
Tammy Hanson - Administrative Assistant to Coroner

When does the Coroner's Office get involved?

Coroner Staff

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Why is the Coroner involved?

What should I do after being made aware of a death and the involvement of the Coroner?

What is the normal process of a death investigation?

Will it be possible to donate organs or tissues?

There are no funds for burial. What can I do?

Will an autopsy be performed?

Is there a charge for an autopsy?

Will an autopsy affect funeral arrangements?

Who can I speak to about a death investigation?

How can I find out about the cause of death?

How can I retrieve my loved one's personal possessions?

When will my loved one's body be released?

How long does it take to get the results of the postmortem examination/investigation?

How can I obtain a copy of the death certificate?

Can a "pending" death certificate be used as proof of death?

What if the funeral is being held out of state?

Thinking about a cremation?

What is the typical sequence of events that follow a death?

Can the family assume disposition of human remains (Family Burial)?

What is the difference between a Coroner and a Medical Examiner?

Information for Funeral Homes and Crematoriums

Information for Insurance Companies or Law Firms