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County-Wide Radio System Enhancements

Sheriff Spears would like to update the community on the progress of the county-wide radio system enhancements that were approved by the Vernon County Board of Supervisors. Last week, our vendor completed the process of migrating both the main and alternate law enforcement radio channels to the new system.
This ribbon-cutting change allows simultaneous radio broadcasts of law enforcement communications at all broadcast sites throughout the county.
Previously, officers on the west side of the county could not communicate directly with officers on the east side of the county without a dispatch relay.
Now, officers in DeSoto can directly communicate with officers in Hillsboro.
When seconds count, information that keeps our officers and the community safer, is effectively communicated. T
oday, April 20th, the main radio channel for Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management will migrate to the new system. If all goes as planned, the paging channel will soon follow. Final testing will occur immediately after the migration. We plan to officially dedicate the new system May 1st. At that time, we will recognize the many partnerships forged throughout the entire process.