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Admission Nurse & Social Services

The Social Service Department of Vernon Manor is comprised of a full-time certified social worker and a full-time Admission Coordinator who is a Registered Nurse. They are critical members of the interdisciplinary team that will be working with you to establish a plan of care that will meet your needs, also promote and restore psychosocial functions. They work with residents and families during the admission process, help to provide a smooth transition and alleviate anxiety and stress.

They will also assist in providing information and or referrals to address financial concerns such as applying for Wisconsin Medical Assistance or assisting with answering questions regarding insurance or Medicare.
Additionally, the Social Worker ensures that discharge planning to home is easy so that the resident and family can focus on going-home verses the burden of establishing community services.

From admission to discharge, our goal is to make the resident comfortable and secure. We are available to speak with residents and families to address issues or concerns should they arise.

You may contact us at:

Jaime Hooverson, CSW