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Residential Drop-off Pricing and Info

Recyclable Material
(Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Tin Cans, Glass, Metal, Batteries, Oil, Antifreeze, Oil Filters)

Free Disposal

Residential Landfill Tipping Rate:
$120.00 per ton ($.06 per pound)

Minimum Drop Charge (400 Pounds or Less):

Other Accepted Items Include:

Appliances ($15/item)

E-Waste Items ($15/item)

$4/Auto Tire
$10/Pickup Truck Tire
$20/Large Truck Tire
Tractor tires and quantities over 5 will be weighed and priced at a rate of $340/ton ($.17 per pound)

Light Bulbs
Fluorescent Bulbs ($0.50)
PCB Ballast ($1.00)
Mercury Bulbs ($5.00)
LED Bulbs ($2.50)
Vapor Bulbs ($5.00)

  • All loads whether commercial or residential are required to be tarped and or covered during transport to prevent littering on our highways. Failure to adequately tarp loads will result in a $10.00 No-Tarp Fee at the scale attendant’s discretion.
  • Anyone bringing waste material to the landfill is required to stop into the office.
  • Residents are no longer allowed to dump into the active area of the landfill without a dump trailer. There are dumpsters located near the recycling facility for residential drop-off of waste.
  • Residents bringing regular recyclables (Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Tin Cans, Glass) do not need to stop into the office. We have a self-serve recycling building located near the office for residential use.