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Recycling Program

Household Recycling
We accept all properly sorted and rinsed household recycling including Cardboard, Mixed Paper Products, Glass, Metal Containers, and Mixed Plastics. Click the links below for further information on what is accepted in our recycling program: 
Cardboard Recycling Guide (Graphic)
Mixed Paper Recycling Guide (Graphic)
Mixed Plastics Recycling Guide (Graphic)
Metal Containers  

Appliance and E-Waste Recycling
 Appliances - $15.00 each
Includes stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dish washers, and microwaves. 
E-Waste Items- $15.00 each
Includes televisions, computers (includes monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse, and printer), printers, DVD/VCRs, radios, and game systems. 

Mattress Recycling
In 2019, we partnered with 7 Rivers Recycling of LaCrosse to recycle used mattresses and keep them out of our landfill.  Mattresses take up  valuable airspace in the landfill and cause several operational headaches in the active area. 

Mattress - $20.00 each (regardless of size)
Mattress and Box Spring- $30.00 for the set (regardless of size)

Waste Tire Recycling
Quantities of 5 or more and rear tractor tires will be required to be weighed at the scale house. 
$0.185 per pound ($370.00 per ton) 
Auto Tire- $4.75 each
Truck Tire- $12.50 each
Large Truck Tire- $37.00

Bulb and Battery Recycling
Fluorescent Bulbs (compact and tube)- $.50 each
LED Bulbs- $2.50 each
Vapor Bulbs- $5.00 each
Lighting Ballasts- $1.00 each
Batteries (includes AAA to car and tool batteries)- Free

Automotive Fluids and Filter Recycling
We accept oil, antifreeze, gasoline, diesel fuel, brake fluid, and oil filters at no charge for recycling.