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K-9 Unit

5-K-9 Run is April 6, 2024.
For information and to register, visit our events page.

You can purchase our Dax K-9 Plush Dogs!

$20 per dog or 3 for $50
Dogs are available during business hours.
If you need to pick up after hours, call 608-638-5711 during business hours so your dog(s) can be set aside for you.
K-9 Dax Plus Dog Front  K-9 Dax Plush Dog Back

Join us in welcoming K-9 Dax to the Vernon County Sheriff's Office!
Dax laying down         Dax and Mark with squad car - Copy
K-9 Dax was purchased from Brandon Lamere of Mid-West Working Dogs, LLC  of Viroqua with the community's support and donations.  Dax is a German shepherd sable and was born on August 7, 2019 in Germany.  He was imported from Bayreuth, Germany in December 2020 by Mid-West Working Dogs.  Dax is trained as a dual-purpose patrol dog, specializing in narcotics detection, criminal apprehension/handler protection, tracking, and article searches.  Dax is certified by Mid-West Working Dogs and the North American Police Work Dog Association.  

Click here to learn about our former K-9s and K-9 Handlers. 

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If you would like to donate to the K-9 Unit, you can mail or drop off your donation at the Vernon County Sheriff's Office.  Checks should be made out to the Vernon County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit.

The K-9's extraordinary ability in smell, agility, courage, and determination are recognized both nationally and internationally. 

The Sheriff's dog would be cross-trained in the ability to:
•    Track to find lost children and missing adults due to medical issues.
•    Perform public relations between the police and the community.
•    Provide appearances and demonstrations at various community functions.
•    Be a highly visible deterrent to criminal activity.
•    Track and apprehend criminals for the prosecution of their crimes.
•    Locate illegal drugs.
•    Reduce the hours needed to search buildings, locate illegal drugs, and find people in distress.

It is with great enthusiasm that I ask for your support of the Vernon County K-9 Unit Program.  The benefits of a local K-9 unit to our community vary from searching for missing persons to searching for drugs, as well as public relations, arrests, officer safety and protection, and educating our children.  As Sheriff, it is my hope that with your help, the community can provide support from local citizens and businesses with monetary donations for maintenance and annual costs for the K-9 unit.

I would ask that each of you join me in taking the lead on this very important cause and make a donation or offer support to keep Vernon County a safe place to live, grow, and visit.

Roy R. Torgerson, Sheriff