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In response to the economic hardships experienced by businesses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Vernon County is launching the Microenterprise Business Grant Program. The goal is to keep businesses open and retain jobs.        *Manual and application found at bottom of page
Funding Source   The Grant Program is funded through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds provided by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Energy, Housing and Economic Resources. 

Funding Amounts  Up to $5,000 with no more than 5 employees (including owner) per business.  Minimum request is $2,500.

Application Period  Applications will be accepted ongoing until funding is exhausted.

Basic Eligibility
    • Business has been impacted by COVID 19 pandemic
    • Business employs 5 or fewer employees including the owner
    • For-profit business located in Vernon County
    • Meet low-moderate income qualifications
      • Owner applicant household is low-moderate Income for household size including income received by all household members ($0 - $75,850, depending on household size) OR
      • 51% of the employees qualify based on income from this business ONLY for a family household size of 1 ($0 - $40,250)
      • Click here for a full description of income guidelines as outlined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 
    • Owner is 18 years or older
    • Owner has a valid Social Security Number, FEIN or DUNS Number
    • Owner/Applicant is current with property taxes
    • Owner does not have a Conflict of Interest with Vernon County direct program staff administering the program
    • Business must have been opened on or before January 2020 and currently opened and operating
Eligible costs  Basic operating capital for staff salaries, leasing space, insurance, and/or utilities. Requests for inventory, supplies, furniture, software, equipment, other may also be considered.

Basic Terms
    • Funds will be disbursed by reimbursement for documented eligible project expenses
    • Allow Vernon County to collect income data from applicants and their employees.
Application Process   In addition to the application, the following documents are required:
    1. Owner Income Self-Certification Form(s) and/or Employee Income Self-Certification Form(s) (Appendix A and/or Appendix B)
    2. Duplication of Benefits Form (Appendix C)
    3. Receipts of COVID-related expenses (See Manual 2.6 Eligible Uses of Funds) and/or demonstration of loss of revenue and eligible uses of funds and provide appropriate documentation (See Manual 2.9)
Application Review  Applications will be reviewed by County staff and money awarded on a first come first serve basis until funding is exhausted.

Any questions, please contact: