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Preparedness Resources

Emergency Preparedness
The Vernon County Health Department along with many other local agencies have worked together to prevent and prepare for many possible emergencies.  CDC has provided a grant to build relationships with local emergency response partners.

Family Emergency Preparedness
Residents are encouraged to prepare for emergencies by creating a Family Emergency Plan.  To help your family create your plan the Family Preparedness Reference Guide and Family Preparedness workbook are available for reference.

Response to a Specific Hazard:
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Influenza Pandemic   Pandemic Wisconsin
Bioterrorism   WI DHS Preparedness
Power Outage   Vernon Electric
    Alliant Energy
    Xcel Energy
Severe Weather   WEM
Communicable Disease/Outbreak   DHS Communicable & Outbreaks
Food Illness   DHS Food Illness Outbreak
Nuclear Release   WEM


Influenza Pandemic
Bioterrorism   CDC
Power Outage   CDC
Severe Weather   FEMA
Communicable Disease/Outbreak   CDC Incidents
Food Illness   USDA ......................... FDA
Nuclear Release   FEMA

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