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Campground Licensing

If you are thinking of starting a campground in Vernon County, please take the time to review the following information about the licensing process and requirements. All campgrounds are required to follow the WI State Campground Code: ATCP 79. It is against the law to operate a campground without a license.


  • A campground license is not the only approval you will need to operate. Your local planning and zoning department must also approve your business.


  • A completed Vernon County application must be submitted to VCHD


License Types

  • License type is determined by the number of campsites
  • The license types are 1-25 sites, 26-50 sites, 51-100 sites, 101-199 sites, and 200+ sites
  • If you are unsure of the type of license your establishment requires please contact us at (608) 637-5251.

Plan Review
A plan review is required prior to campground expansion or new campground operation.
Plan Review includes: a campground map and a plan review application. This must be submitted to the department for review.

Campground Plan Review
Campground Reinspection Criteria


  • A pre-inspection will be conducted when you are ready to start operating. This is to ensure that the facility has the appropriate design, equipment, and management to comply with the Campground code.
  • Once your application has been submitted, a sanitarian will contact you to schedule the pre-inspection.
  • Keep in mind that a new license, including change of ownership, requires the facility to get into full compliance before a license is issued.

Your License, Routine Inspections, and License Renewals

  • Your license is valid for one year from July through the following June. If you are licensed in April, May, or June, your license will not expire until June 30 of the following year.
  • You will have at least one annual inspection during the license year (not calendar year). If there are any complaints attributed to your establishment, additional inspections will be conducted.
  • Renewal notices for annual license fees are sent out in May of each year. Annual license fees are due by July 1st.
  • If the license fee is not received or post marked by July 1st, a late fee will be charged.