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Animal Issues

Exposure to sick animals can become a public health concern. Certain animal species carry communicable disease, and to avoid becoming ill you should avoid contact. Bats, dogs, cats, and birds are good examples of animals to be cautious around.

Bats If you’ve been in contact with a bat or have been in the same room with a bat call the Vernon County Health Department during business hours, they will help determine if the bat will need to be tested for the rabies virus. The bat should be double bagged, and then stored between 35°-46° until contact is made with the Health Department.

Dog and Cat bites need to be reported immediately to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department at 608-637-2123.

West Nile Virus

Dead Birds may be submitted for West Nile Virus testing. Call 1-800-433-1610 April through September for more information on how to do this.