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Kooyumjian Lost Creek

Koo1Kooyumjian-Lost Creek County Forest is a 120 acre property located about midway between the Vernon County communities of LaFarge and Hillsboro on Pine Avenue off of State Hwy. 82. There is a fenced parking area with public access for hunting, fishing and hiking. State of Wisconsin hunting and fishing regulations and seasons apply.

There is also a trout stream on the property, the upper reaches of the Pine River, that has been improved for habitat. The valley floor is a natural wet prairie grassland with abundant species of native grasses, sedges and wildflowers.

The Kooyumjian-Lost Creek property was donated to Vernon County on August 26, 2002 by Thomas and Edith Kooyumjian. The Kooyumjian’s desire in donating the property to Vernon County was to provide a site for owners and prospective owners of property to get hands-on experience in the various aspects of tree planting, weed control and pruning. They also wanted people to understand the need for sound woodland management.

koo3It was the Kooyumjian’s wish to assure the continued management of the forested land and the protection of other natural resources on the property. In their agreement with Vernon County, the Kooyumjian’s specified the property be used for woodland management, education, research and demonstration.

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