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Geocaching Challenge

Vernon County Parks, Forests and Trails Geocaching Challenge

Friends of Vernon County Parks and Trails is sponsoring a prize drawing for completing our geocaching challenge. This challenge involves finding the challenge geocache in each of the eight properties that the County owns and manages, and transferring it’s symbol to the Passport. (see below for printable Passport Form)   
More information about geocaching is available at

Prizes will be given for passports with 2, 4, 6 or all 8 caches found.
Send your passport to: 
McIntosh Memorial Library, 205 S. Rock Street, Viroqua WI 54665 with 2, 4, 6 or 8 symbols completed.
Passports received by August 15, 2021 will be eligible for 
the drawing .

The prize drawing will be held at the August 2021 monthly meeting of the Friends of Vernon County Parks and Trails.
Passports completed after August 15, 2021 are not eligible for the drawing, but are yours to keep for the joy of geocaching! 
Enjoy your visit to Vernon County, and come back soon!
Appreciation goes to Friends of Vernon County Parks and Trails, Vernon County Parks and Forests Division of the Land and Water Conservation Department, and McIntosh Memorial Library for inspiration, enthusiasm and assistance.