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Vernon County Dams

Public access to most of the County's flood control dams is restricted, as most are located on private property. Access roads leading to these dams are only for authorized operations and maintenance work. Always ask permission before entering private property when hunting, fishing, or recreating.

Map of dam locations

Low Hazard - No homes in Breach Route Floodplain
Significant Hazard - Homes in the Breach Route Floodplain, but outside the dam non-existent floodplain
High Hazard - Homes in the dam non-existent floodplain
AC. Ft. - Acre foot; water one foot deep over one acre; 43,560 cubic feet; 325,829 gallons
cy - Cubic yard; three feet high x three feet deep; 27 cubic feet

Bad Axe 02 - Raaum

Bad Axe 11 - Duck Egg

Bad Axe 12 - Runge Hollow

Bad Axe 16 - Thompson

Bad Axe 17 - Eagle's Park Dam

Bad Axe 24 - Skildum Dam

Bad Axe 33 - Sidie Hollow

Bad Axe 34 - Tally Dam

Coon Creek 14 - Struxness Dam

Coon Creek 15 - Swenson Dam

Coon Creek 16 - Garlic Dam

Coon Creek 17 - Melby Dam

Coon Creek 41 - Dahlen Dam

West Fork 01 - Jersey Valley Dam

West Fork 03 - Ostrem Dam

West Fork 04 - Hidden Valley Dam

West Fork 05 - Seas Branch Dam

West Fork 12 - Jacobsen Dam

West Fork 16 - Clockmaker

West Fork 17 - Yttri Dam

West Fork PK - Pilot Klinkner

West Fork PM - Pilot Mlsna