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SBrepair1 SBrepair2
The photo above shows the scouring effect on the stilling basin.  Also in the distance near the highline pole is the slumped area where the water exited the right abutment.  This was evidence of the piping of water through the right abutment.  The picture on the right shows all of the debris that was left above the principle spillway inlet. 
SBrepair3 SBrepair4
SBrepair5 SBrepair6
The photos above show the 4000 cubic yard clay blanket that was installed to keep water from flowing into the fractured bedrock on the right abutment of the dam.  A grout curtain was installed to solidify the bedrock on the right abutment and finally a graded relief drain was installed to safely relieve any water within the abutment in the area shown on the very first picture by the highline pole.  These repairs were completed in 2009 to 2010 at a cost of $706,636.04.