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Flood Control Structures

Vernon County operates and maintains 22 large flood control dams in the Coon Creek, Bad Axe, and West Fork Kickapoo watersheds. These important structures were built in partnership with local citizens, county government, state agencies, and the Federal Department of Agriculture from 1956 to 1987. The total cost of construction was nearly $9 million, but these dams protect nearly $8 million (1995 dollars) in private property, crops, roads, and bridges from flash flooding each and every year. With annual maintenance and planning, these structures will continue to function well into the future.  They also provide auxiliary benefits including sediment reduction, wildlife habitat, and recreational man-made lakes that promote tourism and benefit the Vernon County Parks. More information about our county parks can be found here.

The photo below shows the top centerline of the Duck Egg Dam. The top of this dam is 76' above the valley floor.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Vernon County dams, please contact Mark Erickson at 608.637.5483 or