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Online Surveyor Files

Vernon County has scanned and converted into digital format a significant volume of maps and information regularly used by professional land surveyors working in the county. This information consists of Public Land Survey System (PLSS) tie sheets, plat of survey maps, PLSS government plat maps, 1967 Corp of Engineer maps for the Kickapoo Valley Flood Control Project, 1896 & 1931 plat book pages, and reference documents pertaining to both Vernon County’s CSM Review Ordinance and the PLSS Bounty Program. These digital files are in Adobe .pdf format and can be downloaded from this site without charge.

Please note that Certified Survey Maps (CSM’s) are not available on this site. Please contact the Register of Deeds office at or 608-637-5371.

There is no associated search database associated with this site. To locate a particular file or document, users will need to browse through the various folders. All of the folders are logically named so it should be fairly intuitive to search through them. PLSS Tie Sheets are organized by PLSS township and named using this naming convention Wisconsin-Corner-Point-Identification-System-jan06.pdf. Plat of Surveys are organized by PLSS township and section.

Some of the images may not be as legible as the original copy, if any image text is not clear, please verify it by examining the original copies that are on file in the County Surveyor's office, located in Rm. 205 on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse Annex. If you encounter an image that has a poor resolution and is not legible, please notify the Land Information Office at or 608-637-5314. We may be able to rescan the document at a higher resolution and improve the quality of the image.

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