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Local Emergency Planning Committee

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

What is the LEPC?
Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act, each county in Wisconsin is designated as an Emergency Planning District with a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). Through the Vernon County Emergency Management Office and the L.E.P.C., the community is made aware of potential risks involving hazardous materials. The LEPC is the point of contact for the public to receive information on storage/locations of chemicals, types of chemicals and hazards associated with those chemicals.   Hazardous materials incidents range from a chemical spill on a highway to ground water contamination by naturally occurring methane gas.  Most people will agree that efforts to protect the public are best handled locally by the people and for the people whom the law was meant to protect.  

Emergency Planning - Enables communities as a whole to prepare for hazardous chemical releases through emergency planning. This planning also provides information and facilitates training for the first responders who are called upon to protect the public in the event of a chemical accident. Your LEPC can provide you with information on evacuation routes, shelter-in-place procedures and other information you may need to help your family plan for a chemical emergency.

Community Right-to-Know - Increases awareness of chemical hazards in your community and allows you and your local government to obtain information about chemical hazards. If you are concerned about the types, amounts or locations of chemicals stored in your community, contact your LEPC.

Committee Membership
The LEPC is made up of elected local officials, county emergency management staff, law enforcement, firefighters, local health services, hospital representatives, emergency medical services, local media, community agencies, transportation agencies, local industry and environmental agencies. 

LEPC meeting  are held in conformance with the Open Meetings Laws.
Contact the Vernon County Office of Emergency Management at Phone: 608-637-5266 or email:  for the next meeting date and time


Loren Oldenburg
96th Assembly
Charles Jacobson
County Board
Roy Torgerson
Law Enforcement
Brandon Larson
Emergency Management
Ted Harris
Chad Buros
Fire Service
Dick Wallin
Kevin Dean
Phil Hewitt
Shawna McDowell
Stacie Sanborn
Dave Robinson
Robert Moline
Radiation Rep
Brandy Matthes
Planning Facility
Dan Schreiter
VOAD/ Business Continuity
Amy Kleiber
Health Officer

2024 EPCRA Public Notice
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