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Vernon County Economic Development Loan Program

Vernon County’s Economic Development Loan Program (formerly Revolving Loan Fund) was established to retain and create employment opportunities, encourage private investment, and provide a financing alternative for small start-up or expanding businesses in the County. The program includes interest rates and loan maturities that are designed to encourage business development, while providing for the recapitalization and growth of the program. Since its inception in 1999, the County has loaned $3.7 million dollars to 65 businesses. These businesses have added jobs and additional tax dollars to our local economy. As the businesses repay their loans, those funds then provide an ongoing source of funds for other businesses in the County.

For start-up businesses or companies needing capital to expand, the Economic Development Loan Program can help; offering terms based on the individual businesses.
Click HERE for further information - Finance Terms & Conditions, Loan Manual & Application.