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Economic Development Loan Application

STEP 1:  Complete the Application And Release Of Information.

Loan Application
Loan Manual

Questions? Please contact Amy at or 608-637-5379.

STEP 2:  Mail/Deliver The Application

The completed application can be mailed, delivered, or emailed to:
Resource and Community Development
400 Courthouse Square, box 007
Attention: Amy
Viroqua, WI  54665

STEP 3: Process, Review, Timeline and Approval Of Your Application

  • Timeline for processing applications:  Applications may be submitted at any time and will be processed in the order received.  Applications must be received 21 days before County Board meetings to be included on that Board agenda.  Applications received after the 21 processing period will be delayed until the next County Board Meeting. 
  • Preliminary Review:  Staff will review the application for completeness and verify that the proposed project meets the minimum requirements.  All parts of your application will be reviewed and formatted for committee review.  During this process, you will be contacted.  More information may be required to process your application. A determination will also be made if sufficient collateral exists to warrant further project review by the committee. 
  • Formal Review:  The Vernon County Economic Development Committee will review the application and interview the business owner.
  • Negotiation of Terms:  The Economic Development Committee will negotiate terms for inclusion in the loan agreement at the time of the Formal Review.
  • County Board Approval:  The full Vernon County Board must approve all loans.  Applicants will be identified on the Board agenda; any discussion will be in closed session due to the potential discussion of non-public personal information.  Decisions by the Board will be made in open session.
  • Notice of Award:  If the application is approved, a closing will be scheduled to execute the necessary loan documents.
  • Rejection of Award:  If application is not approved, the applicant will receive a letter stating reasons and possible remedies.