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Coordinated Services Team

How does the Coordinated Services Team Program Work?
CST is a voluntary program provided to families in need of support.  The CST coordinator works with the family to develop a team.  Team members often include parents, children, teachers, counselors, social workers, religious advisors, or any other individuals important to the family.  The team completes a comprehensive assessment to identify strengths and needs in 12 areas affecting a family’s ability to be stable and successful.  Assessment results are used to help the family develop a Plan of Care that will enable individualized goal achievement. The progress is monitored by the team through regular review of the Plan of Care.  Safety and Crisis Plans are also created as needed to ensure the safety of the child, family and community.

Core Values Guiding the CST Initiative

  • Family-Centered
  • Consumer Involvement
  • Builds on Natural and Community
  • Strength-Based
  • Unconditional Care
  • Collaboration Across Systems
  • Team Approach Across Agencies
  • Ensuring Safety
  • Gender/Age/Culturally Responsive Treatment
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Education and Work Focus
  • Belief in Growth, Learning, and Recovery
  • Outcome-Oriented

For more information contact
318 Fairlane Drive, Suite 100
Viroqua, WI  54665

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