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Jill Bender, Director

Theresa Berger, Manager-Family & Children Services

  • Ashley Young, CST Coordinator/Information & Assistance Specialist
  • Alison Winkers, Social Worker
  • Cathrina Dunnum, Social Worker
  • Danielle Torgerson, Social Worker
  • Lindsey Gilberts, Social Worker
  • Mariah Everhart, Social Worker
  • Marla Marx, Child Welfare Program Specialist
  • Marla Sutton, Social Worker
  • Melony Hansen, Social Worker

Jeri Lynn Lindner, Manager-Long Term Support/Mental Health/AODA

  • Alisha Sowle, Birth to 3 Case Manager
  • Anya Schmitz, Mental Health Social Worker
  • Dylan Crook, Children’s Long Term Support Social Worker
  • Ashley Eckes, Elderly/Adult Protective Services Social Worker
  • Madison Gander, Adult Protective Services Social Worker
  • Makenzie Newlun, Children's Long Term Support Social Worker

Brook Strangstalien, Manager-Child Support Agency

  • Samantha Everson, Specialist
  • Michelle Hanson, Specialist
  • Madeline Zeigler, Specialist Part-Time
  • Vacant, Administrative Assistant I

Brenda Olson, Manager-ADRC of Vernon County

  • Amy Emerson, Transportation Program Coordinator
  • Beth Brendel, ADRC Social Worker
  • Tracy Lampman, ADRC Social Worker
  • Lynette Peterson, Disability Benefit Specialist
  • Jessica Hanson, Nutrition Program Coordinator
  • Katie Skolos, Elderly Benefit Specialist
  • Teresa Gander, Dementia Care Specialist
  • Wendy Anderson, Administrative Assistant I

Jesse Wolf, Primary Supervisor- WREA Income Maintenance

  • Jessica Johnson, Economic Support Specialist, Lead/PRS
  • Diane Nedland, Economic Support Specialist
  • Holly Starr, Economic Support Specialist
  • Lacy Moser, Economic Support Specialist
  • Lindsey Brown, Economic Support Specialist
  • Lori Ellis, Economic Support Specialist
  • Sonja Colburn, Economic Support Specialist
  • Tonia Hanson, Economic Support Specialist/Benefit Recovery

Marsha Everson-Financial Manager

  • Rosalie Langer, Accounting Specialist I
  • Megan Humm, Accounting Specialist II
  • Sara Christianson, CCS Program Accounting Specialist I

Brenda Anderson-Administrative Manager

  • Shari McCauley, Program Assistant II-WHEAP
  • Kayla Abbey, Program Assistant II-WHEAP/Highway
  • Alayna Smith, Administrative Assistant I