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Payment Information

All child support payments will be withheld from your wages or other sources of income, unless the court orders otherwise or if you are self-employed. You will receive a copy of any income withholding notices sent to your employers. Payments will be sent to the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These payments must be accompanied by a payment coupon. This is a State law and the only way you can be sure that you receive credit for your payments.

Child Support Online Services

Parents can sign up for the free Child Support Online Service (CSOS) that provides detailed payment and balance information. Information is updated every night except Sunday.
  • View Online Payments
  • View a short video to create an online account

Debit Card Users

The Wisconsin Child Support Program provides a secure and convenient way to receive payments with the Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard, issued by Comerica Bank and managed by EPPIC. If you do not use direct deposit, you will get the Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard once the Trust Fund processes your first support payment.

  • What You Need To Do
    • If you have moved, update your address online using Child Support Online Services or by calling the KIDS Information line at (800) 991-5530, or provide your correct address to your local child support agency.  Debit cards cannot be forwarded by the post office.
    • Watch your mailbox for your Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard
    • As of February 7, 2013, you will automatically be enrolled when a support collection is received.  Your Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard will be delivered in 7 to 10 days by U.S. Mail to the last address you provided.
    • You may change to direct deposit at any time by completing a Direct Deposit application.  The application can be found online at or you can request an application to be mailed to you by calling the Vernon County Child Support at (608) 637-5335.

Payment Information & Options - (no cash payments accepted, unless noted)
  • Pay with cash using Money Gram
  • Payment Information Line
    • The automated information line available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week provides payment information, and general child support information
    • A Customer Service Representative is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm to answer questions about payment coupons, basic payment information and to send out free copies of the payment records.
    • For assistance please the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund(WI SCTF) toll free at (800) 991-5530  


Income withholding orders are the most common way for child support to be paid. The employer will receive an order to withhold the obligations from your paycheck. Your employer should provide you with a copy of the income withholding order. The income withholding order provides a complete breakdown of your child support order depending upon your pay cycle to allow the employer to withhold the correct amount of support each paycheck. There are four types of pay cycles…

  • Weekly (every week, 52 paychecks)
  • Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks, 26 paychecks)
  • Semi-monthly (twice per month, 24 paychecks)
  • Monthly (once per month, 12 paychecks)

EXAMPLE: The Judge has ordered you to pay $326.82 per month for current support and the employer must withhold from every pay cycle. Based upon the order of $326.82 per month your employer would withhold the following if paid…

Weekly: $75.42 per week
$326.82 per month X 12 months = $3921.84 per year divided by 52 weeks equals $75.42 per week. The custodial parent will receive $301.68 for 8 months of the year, due to only 4 pay cycles. The other 4 months per year, which contain 5 pay cycles, the custodial parent will receive $377.10 per month to make up the difference. The total support paid over one year will equal $3921.84. ($301.68 X 8 months = $2413.44, $377.10 X 4 months = $1508.40, $2413.44 + $1508.40 = $3921.84)

Bi-weekly: $150.84 every 2 weeks
$326.82 per month X 12 months = $3921.84 per year divided by 26 paychecks equals $150.84 Bi-weekly or every 2 weeks. The custodial parent will receive $301.68 for 10 months of the year and the remaining 2 months of the year, the custodial parent will receive $452.52 to make up the difference. The total support paid over one year will equal $3921.84. ($301.68 X 10 months = $3016.80, $452.52 X 2 months = $905.04, $3016.80 + $905.04 = $3921.84

Semi-monthly: $163.41 twice per month
$326.82 per month X 12 months = $3921.84 per year divided by 24 paychecks equals $163.41 semi-monthly or twice per month. The custodial parent will receive $326.82 per month for 12 months. The total support paid over one year will equal $3921.84

Monthly: $326.82 one payment each month
$326.82 per month X 12 months = $3921.84 per year.

Direct Payments

  • According to the laws in the State of Wisconsin, all payments must be paid through the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) as this is the only way to make sure you get credit for your payments. Any payments made directly to an individual are considered a cash gift and no credit is given on your child support obligation.