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How To

Apply for Services

Report Name Change, Address, Phone or Employer Information

  • Report all changes to the child support agency that handles your case.
  • NOTE: Updating this information with your child support agency will NOT update the address or phone number for your child support debit card. You must call EPPIC's toll free number (1-877-253-3686), and report your new address or phone number.

Request My "KIDS" PIN Number

  • Each individual involved in a case is given a Child Support PIN Number, this is also known as your “KIDS” PIN number. To receive your PIN number please contact the Child Support Agency handling your case.

Make Payments
For information on ways to pay your child support, please visit Making Child Support Payments

Apply for Debit Card

  • FAQ's about and how to obtain an EPPIC Debit Card
  • Check the Balance on my EPPIC Debit Card
    • Contact EPPIC toll free 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for account information at 1-877-253-368
  • Create a User ID and Password by going to This allows secure online access to your debit card account and will allow you to view balance and account information, sign up to receive monthly statements, notification via email, phone or text message and to change your contact information.

Receive Payments

  • Which payment method is best for me?
  • Direct Deposit or Debit Card?
  • Direct Deposit Application
  • Debit Card – Once the first child support collection is received, it will be posted to your Wisconsin EPPIC Debit MasterCard. Within 2 to 3 business days you will receive a letter indicating your card is coming. You will get your card 5 to 10 business days after you get the first letter. If no payment is made on your case, you will not get a card.

Request DNA Testing

  • The Vernon County Child Support Agency provides DNA Testing for parties that are not sure or do not agree on the paternity of the child. Both parties have the right to request DNA Testing and should contact the child support agency at (608) 637-5335 for more information.
  • Service Fee Notice
  • If you are not sure if a man is the father, you should request genetic testing!

Understand the Monthly Statement of Account (MSOA)

  • The MSOA is not mailed to all child support and maintenance payers. To begin receiving the MSOA, please contact your local agency.