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Frequently Asked Questions

We reside together, why is the agency involved in my case?

I am currently receiving medical assistance but I recently separated from my spouse and we are not sure if we will be filing for divorce. My spouse gives me cash every week and we do not want the Child Support Agency involved. Am I required to cooperate with the Child Support Unit when they contact me or schedule an appointment?

My ex-wife/girlfriend is no longer receiving public assistance. Why are you still enforcing the order?

I was divorced in Vernon County, I called the Child Support Unit and was told I do not have a case. Why?

The non-custodial parent moved and I had to tell my caseworker. Why do I need to report this to my case worker? Don't they already have the information?

What if I lose my job?

I am unable to work due to an injury. Can my child support be suspended?

My employer is withholding child support from my paychecks but they are not sending in the payments? What can I do?

It is difficult for me to obtain employment because of my past criminal record. How can I pay the child support ordered when I cannot get a job?

Why does paternity need to be established for my child?

I'm not sure the Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement is right for me.

How does the father's name get on the birth certificate?

What if the mother is married, but her husband is not the father of her child?

I may be the father of a child born to a woman who is not married. Can I ask the department to start a paternity case?

How can paternity be established?

How do I schedule a paternity interview?

Who can help me with custody, placement & visitation questions?

What happens if I have my child(ren) more than the court ordered agreement and I want my support reviewed?

I am concerned that the custodial parent is neglecting my child(ren) and may be abusing them? Will the Child Support Unit help me?

What types of cases are appropriate for order establishment?

I no longer want to receive child support from the other parent. How can I stop my support order?

My parental rights have been terminated by the court. Why am I still receiving billing statements?

My Child has graduated from high school - how do I stop my support order?

My child(ren) were placed in foster care or kinship care. The money I was receiving from the other parent is now going to the State of Wisconsin. I received paperwork from the Child Support Unit advising they will be establishing an order for me to pay support and they are requesting my financial information. Why do I need to pay support if you are already getting support from the other parent?

The other parent will not let me see my child(ren). Why should I pay child support?

I do not want a Notice of Income Withholding to go to my employer. Can I pay the custodial parent directly?

When will I know if the non-custodial parent has made a payment? Will I receive notification?

The child(ren) are now living with me. Why am I still paying support to the other parent?

The money I pay to the custodial parent for support is not spent on my child(ren). What can you do about it?

I have more than one child to support by court order. Will there be a difference in the amount sent to each custodial parent?

Where can I obtain information on enforcing the uninsured medical expenses that are owed?

How do I obtain copies of my court order(s)?

I am making payments on my child support arrears. Why are my taxes still being intercepted?

I am married and my spouse's refund is being intercepted for my child support arrears because we filed a joint tax return. How can we avoid this in the future?

Has an intercepted tax refund been paid on my arrears yet?

What is the fee for tax intercept service?

I received a notice that my taxes were intercepted but my recent billing statement does not reflect the payment. Where did my money go?

I want to sell a vehicle. How do I know if my name is on the Child Support Lien Docket?

I am not getting my child support but I want him to sit in jail. Is there anything I can do to have the non-custodial parent arrested?

Why is there a warrant for my arrest when I am making child support payments?

You are still taking child support from my checks but my child is now 25 years old. How can you do that?

What should I do if I do not think I owe any back support?

What is the Receipt & Disbursement fee and why do I have to pay it?

What is the Annual Custodial Parent fee?

How do I request a review of my child support order?

The non-custodial parent is remarried and the new spouse makes a lot more money. Can I have my case reviewed so child support is based on the spouse's income too?

Does a modification or adjustment always increase the current child support order?

How do I get my child support order changed?

Why am I still receiving billing statements when my child is over 19?

How do I report a change of address or new employer?

When should I contact the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) regarding payments?