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Child Support Lien Docket

Federal and state laws give child support agencies the option of using “administrative enforcement” actions. Administrative enforcement allows the child support agency to take action without going to court. In Wisconsin, these actions are based on the Child Support Lien.

Child Support Lien
A Child Support Lien is a hold placed on property (such as land and cars) until past-due child support is paid. These liens will be placed without a court hearing. Child support liens must be paid off (satisfied) or released before the parent can sell the property. A lien is automatically placed when past-due support is $500 or more. Past-due support for a Child Support Lien does not include unpaid birth cost, fees, or interest.

Child Support Lien Docket
The Wisconsin Child Support Lien Docket is an electronic list of all parents with Child Support Liens in Wisconsin. This list includes the names of parents owing past-due support and the lien amounts. The Department of Workforce Development maintains the Child Support Lien Docket. The Lien Docket is a public record and may be viewed in local register of deeds offices.