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Youth in Transition

Transition to Adult Life 

Young people with disabilities, who receive services and supports as children, will need to find services and supports as adults. If you are a teen or young adult receiving services as a child, or if you are the parent of a young adult, it is important to start planning for the transition to adulthood as early as possible. 

The sooner the planning begins for life after high school, the smoother the transition. Family members, teachers, and the people you know and trust can help during this planning process. Planning ahead for transition gives you time to learn about and understand the changing roles, responsibilities, and opportunities as an adult. Planning ensures that you make informed decisions about your life. 

For assistance with your transition, please contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Vernon County at 608-637-5201 to schedule a meeting to discuss options. 

Local Resource Guide

Transition Resource Guide

Supported Decision Making