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Frequently Asked Questions

Why me?

Will the court provide transportation?

What if I have a reason not to serve?

What if I have an emergency during jury duty?

What if I have a disability?

I have been convicted of a crime; can I still serve?

How long do I have to serve?

Can I go home at night?

Do I get paid?

I don't know the law; how can I be a juror?

What about my job?

Where and when should I report?

What should I wear?

Will I be waiting long?

How do I know whether court has been cancelled?

Can I take notes or ask questions during the trial?

What if I don't fill out the form or just don't show up?

What if I have scheduled a vacation or business trip during my term of jury service?

I received a questionnaire but no longer live in Vernon County. What should I do?

I received a questionnaire for my spouse or relative who is deceased. What should I do?

My child is away at college and has received a questionnaire. Can I fill this out for him/her?

I am not sure of the exact round-trip mileage. How should I answer this question on my questionnaire?