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Disclaimer of Accuracy of Data
This site provides data and services to Vernon County citizens, government and public agencies, and business professionals. All information is believed accurate but is NOT guaranteed to be without error. Vernon County Land Records data is intended to be used as a general index to land related information and is not intended for detailed, site-specific analysis. Vernon County assumes no responsibility whatsoever for direct, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or other damages.

This website contains information on Notices of Federal Tax Lien and other lien documents that is not identical in content to documents presented to this office by IRS. Therefore, the results of a search of this indexing system cannot be relied upon in judicial or administrative proceedings related to title or transfer of property, including but not limited to searches relative to sales of property and foreclosure proceedings, in determining ownership interests in property on which a Notice of Federal Tax Lien attaches.

For assistance in obtaining a copy of the required document as filed by IRS, please contact Vernon County Register of Deeds at 608-637-5371. Copies of recorded documents may be obtained only from this office for which the search was conducted.