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Sinkholes can form in limestone or dolomite rock.  The majority of land in Vernon County has dolomite bedrock, so the potential for Sinkholes is high.  As water continues to wear away at the bedrock, the soil above can eventually collapse.  This can make sinkholes, such as the one picture below, “appear” nearly over night.  Human caused land use changes that concentrate water to a certain location can greatly speed up the formation of Sinkholes.


Closure of Sinkholes is a high priority for Vernon LWCD and cost-share funding is available.  Sinkhole closure typically involves excavating the area out to the deepest reasonable point, then covering the whole with a protective Geotextile fabric, and backfilling and packing the hole with clay.  The topsoil is then returned, and often the area above the sinkhole can still be farmed.

Asst. County Conservationist/Project Manager
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