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Managed (Rotational) Grazing


Managed, or rotational grazing, is the animal management system by which pastures (paddocks) are divided up into smaller areas, and animals are moved onto a new pasture regularly, every three days or less for true managed grazing. 

The key concepts with this farming system are the rest that occurs with the rejuvenation of the pasture by giving a paddock rest, often 30 days.  Another concept is residual, or the remaining vegetative cover.  This is typically a minimum of three or four inches, and allows the plant to expand its root system and for the pasture to grow back strong.

Please join local farmers and professionals at our area pasture walks:

Asst. County Conservationist/Project Manager
Certified Crop Advisor, Grazing Specialist, Nutrient Management Planner
Vernon County Land and Water Conservation Department
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