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Grassed Waterways

Grassed Waterways

A Grassed Waterway is used to direct and stabilize an area of concentrated flow where a gully would typically form. Once an area is surveyed, planned and designed, it is then graded and shaped to form a smooth, shallow channel and then planted to sod- forming grasses. The drainage way carries runoff water from the field and the grass prevents the water from forming a gully. In Vernon County, Grassed Waterways are essential for trapping sediment and nutrients.


It is very important to maintain waterways by:

  • Mowing a few times per year
  • Lift plows and shut off spray equipment when approaching and crossing Waterways
  • Avoid using Waterway as a Road. It will cause rutting and channelize the water
  • Follow good cropping practices, such as Contour Strips.  Poor cropping will result in a very short lived Grassed Waterway.

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