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Contour Strips

Contour Strips

Contour Strip farming is a practice of alternating cropped fields with Hay Strips.  This is done by laying fields out along the contour or “on the level”.  After establishing the main contour or “key-line”, fields are then laid out at equal widths across the field.  By staying on the contour, plowing no longer occurs “up and down the hill.”

Cropping in this manner is proven to greatly reduce soil erosion and runoff losses.
The Vernon County Land & Water Staff are happy to help you plan and lay out your Contour Strips FREE OF CHARGE.  Please plan well in advance and notify us of your interest for Contour Strips.  We will put you on our Spring or Fall schedule.
Contour Strips


Asst. County Conservationist/Project Manager
Certified Crop Advisor, Grazing Specialist, Nutrient Management Planner
Vernon County Land and Water Conservation Department
220 Airport Road
Viroqua, WI 54665
(608) 637-5482