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Administering a variety of county, state, and federal initiatives, the Vernon County Land & Water Conservation Department cooperates with and furnishes financial, technical and planning assistance to other units of government, organizations and individuals.

The Land & Water Conservation Department is located in the Agricultural Service Center, and works in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Farm Service Agency (FSA), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), also located in the Service Center.


List of Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) staff:

County Conservationist
Telephone: 608-637-5475
Handles animal waste regulations, manure storage, state prohibition and runoff rules as well as livestock facility siting. ALso assists landowners with installing soil & water conservation practices. Oversees the Land & Water Conservation Department.
Project Manager
Telephone: 608-637-5475
Handles animal waste regulations, manure storage, and barnyard issues and questions. Also works with landowners to install conservation practices.
Project Manager-GIS Specialist
Ben Wojahn (E-mail)
Telephone: 608-637-5482
Aerial photos, Land Use Planning, County remonumentation, CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program), Farmland Preservation Program, sludge-biosolids ordinance, and nutrient Management.
Resource Conservationist
Mark Erickson (E-mail)
Telephone: 608-637-5483
Oversees the operation and maintenance of Vernon County's 22 large flood control structures.
Dam Maintenance Specialist
Assists in all aspects of the operation and maintenance of Vernon County's 22 large flood control structures.
County Forester/ Conservationist
Matt Hansen    (Email)
Telephone: 608-637-5476
Oversees the County forests, handles County timber harvests and tree planting. Available to the general public to answer questions on species identification, logging, planting and general forestry-related issues.
Parks Administrator / Conservationist
Telephone: 608-637-5485
The Parks Administrator oversees all aspects of operating the County Parks.
Contact him for information on boating, camping, hiking, and other acceptable recreational uses at Vernon County Parks. Also works with landowners to install Conservation Practices.
Parks Caretaker
The Parks Caretaker is responsible for the day to day operation of the County Parks. Contact him beginning April 15 every year. Tim also handles camping reservations.
Conservation Engineering Technician
Mark Erickson (Email)
Telephone: 608-637-5477
The Conservation Engineering Technician administers for the non-metalic mining reclamation ordinance and is responsible for the hydroseeder.
Planner/GIS Coordinator
Doug Avoles (Email)
Telephone: 608-637-5314
The GIS Coordinator works with county departments, state and federal agencies, and the public to coordinate, develop, utilize, and maintain the county's computerized land information system and associated geograhic information system (GIS) data
GIS Technician
Telephone: 608-637-5314
The GIS Technician assists with the development, utilization, and maintenance of the county's land information and GIS implementation.
Accounts Manager - Administrative Assistant
Sarah McDowell (Email)
The Accounts Manager/Administrative Assistant answers Grants and Programs questions.

Our department provides a wide variety of public services and our staff are occasionally out of the office and unavailable by telephone or email. Since we do not have an office secretary, we ask that you send an email or leave a voice mail message for the staff member you wish to contact.

Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Calling outside of office hours will only offer you the option of leaving a voice mail message in a "general delivery" mailbox, and may not be forwarded to the intended recipient in as timely a manner.
If you are new to our county, community, have questions and don't know who to contact, or are a new landowner, we have gathered some useful information for you on Owning Land and Questions & Answers.
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