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Farmland Preservation

Working Lands Initiative

Farmland Preservation has undergone many changes over the years.  Many farmers are familiar with the old program that involved signing a contract to stay in the program for a set number of years, often 25 years.  Some of these old contracts still exist in Vernon County, and will be around for a while.  These contracts are no longer available. The only way to participate in the FPP program now is to be covered under an FPP Zoning Ordinance, or to be in an Agricultural Enterprise Area (AEA)

FPP Tax Credits

Tax Credits are claimed as a refundable tax credit on your income taxes.  Tax credits do not impact local tax rolls. If eligible, tax credits amounts are:

  • $10.00 for farmers in an area zoned and certified for farmland preservation and in an agricultural enterprise area, with a farmland preservation agreement signed after July 1, 2009

FPP Zoning

Currently three Towns in Vernon County have Certified Farmland Preservation Zoning Districts.  These are the Towns of: Coon, Christiana, and Harmony.  State residents with land in these Towns can qualify for the $7.50 per acre tax credit if they meet all requirements.

Does your town want to consider developing an FPP Zoning Ordinance? Contact our department for us to come to your Town and give a presentation about FPP.


FPP Eligibility

In order to claim the tax credit, a landowner must meet the following:

  -Be a Wisconsin Resident
  -Gross $6,000 in farm revenue annually (not including rent)
  -Have an updated and approved 590 Nutrient Management Plan
  -Have a farm walkover completed by our department

Vernon County Farmland Preservation Plan is scheduled to be updated by the end of 2015.  Our Department would like feedback on our plan from any County, Town, or public officials.  We also would like comments on the plan from farmers and other farm organizations.  Link to most recent FPP Plan

Benjamin Wojahn

County Conservationist/Project Manager
Certified Crop Advisor, Grazing Specialist, Nutrient Management Planner
Vernon County Land and Water Conservation Department
220 Airport Road
Viroqua, WI 54665
(608) 637-5482