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Flood control structures (dams) require frequent maintenance, both on the inside and on the outside of the structure.
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Maintenance on the outside of the (dam) structure includes removing debris from around the inlet, mowing the embankment to keep bushes and trees from becoming established, and checking the outlet pipe for cracks or other damage.

The embankments of the dams must also be mowed to prevent the growth of brush and trees.

A reticulated embankment mower makes mowing much easier.

Maintenance is also necessary on the inside of dam structures.

Access to the water control valve is through the principal spillway.

The water control valve at this dam is located at the bottom of the main concrete spillway, and regulates the flow of water from the impoundment (lake behind the dam) through the pipe, and into the outlet pool (or "stilling basin"). From the stilling basin, the water flows down the creek.(Phil Hahn, Resource Conservationist, is about 32' below water level in this picture, working to repair the valve)Access to the water control valve is through the principal spillway.