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Runge Hollow Grouting Dam Repair

Runge Hollow

Initial work of setting pvc pipe casings for 52 grout holes with 5 foot spacing.  Maximum vertical depth of holes is 93 feet.  Work began on 9-31- 2013.

Runge Hollow

The grout bin and storage bin were delivered to the site.  Also shown is a semi filling the storage bin with an average load of 55,000 pounds of Portland cement powder.

Runge Hollow

The photo above shows work continuing in the cold winter weather.  VEIT and Company was awarded the job with a completion date of 5-31-2014.  The building shown was built to warm the grout and water so work could continue in the winter months.  The 1.9 million dollar project which involves 3000 feet of rock drilling, 1400 feet of overburden drilling and placing 50,400 cubic feet of grout was 31% on January 17th, 2014.